Textiles In Mesoamerica

Textiles are one of the oldest forms of art known to mankind because every civilization has their own unique way of approaching this art. Many societies use textiles in many different ways according to their culture and religion and other factors. Humans over time developed methods of clothing themselves by using textiles as a form of fabric to cover themselves. Woman primarily have used this technique for centuries whether if she comes from an elite ruling family or not she is taught instructions from an early age.

Textiles represent Cultural Traditions because many civilizations use textiles as a form to distinct themselves from other civilizations. Each group has new ideas and techniques in textile weaving because they are based on cultural foundations and traditions. In many households throughout Mesoamerica woman devote themselves to weaving because it became a steady way to provide for their families. Civilizations such as the Maya who were one of the earliest civilizations to use this art in their costumes in modern day Guatemala. The Maya used weaving in their everyday life and ceremonial life with great diversity and complexity. In their tradition they used a combination of bright colors and feathers for their garments which showed their identity or his/her status. The Maya also weaved specific garments for special occasions to interact with the Gods which were made with elegant materials. The Mayans traditional textile outfits had multiple meanings of cultures, social, economic and political character.

The Zapotec people from the Valley of Oaxaca flourished around 300. B.C.E and also used textiles but in their unique own way. Till this day the people of Oaxaca use the art of weaving to persevere their link to their indigenous ancestors. The Aztec were another great civilization who used textile production in Mesoamerica in their daily lives. Woman did the work of spinning and weaving clothes from birth to death. Newborn girls would be given miniature wooden spindles and loom sticks as gifts and often woman’s weaving implements would be places next to her later at her funeral . In Conclusion, textiles have been used in Mesoamerica for centuries and still continue to be a large part of the culture in the twenty-first century. The indigenous people who produce these textiles today can trace patterns and colors to prehistoric civilizations. Woman have evolved textiles techniques throughout time while still staying true to their culture and making a living. In the past many civilizations used textiles in ceremonies and in their everyday life. But today textiles are used to represent Mexico's amazing culture and has become a form of fashion.