Gold and Jade fit for a Red Queen

Gold and Jade fit for a Red Queen

Palenque, one of the most wealthy and commanding cities of the maya in the classic period (600 to 700 AD) was a beacon of civilization where archaeologist Arnoldo Cruz stumbled upon the sarcophagus of a noble woman dubbed the Red Queen due to the scarlet- red form of mercury found inside.

“The brilliance of her jewels, all revealed her royalty” a vast collection of jade and pearl objects were carefully placed around the Queen, and on her person were placed fine necklaces, wristlets and earspools. Due to the lack of text in the chamber to establish who she was we still don't know who the “Red Queen” was. This noble woman still remains a mystery. The Red Queen was buried with fine gems and a diadema (tiara)on her forehead with Hu’unal a mayan God placed in the center. She was entombed next to the pyramid of Pakal the Great so that leads a lot of people to believe she was his wife and the mother of the last mayan ruler.

The Red Queen might still be a mystery to us but her masterpiece jewels are the enchanting intrigue that keep us wanting to know more about this noble woman.

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